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Catheter and Tube Tip Forming

Our proprietary induction heat formers can be used for producing a broad range of catheter tips with open, closed, and soft ends. These custom-built induction tip forming systems can handle catheter tubes with outer diameters as small as 0.013” and as large as 0.780”. Most conventional thermoplastic polymers such as nylon, polyvinyl chloride, and polyethylene can be formed on these systems. Our induction heaters feature a proprietary power supply with water-cooled induction coils and quick, in-process cooling. Manufacturing flash-less dies and mandrels for custom tip forming operations is our specialty.

Catheter and Tube Flaring

With over three decades of experience in the catheter tube manufacturing industry, we make catheter tube flaring equipment for critical medical applications. Our primary catheter manufacturing systems can be used for building therapeutic/diagnostic catheters, angioplasty catheters, and stent placement devices with flared ends. PVC, polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon, Teflon, and other thermoplastics can be easily formed on our proprietary forming machines. PlasticWeld’s HPS series of induction formers is used to make tube end flares with tight-tolerances.

Catheter and Tube Flanging

For the medical device industry, PlasticWeld designs and develops tube flanging systems suitable for producing precision formed catheter parts with flanged ends. These machines can be used for imparting solid or layered flanges on PVC, PTFE, PA, or other thermoplastic catheter tubes. Our tube flaring equipment can handle catheter tubes with outer diameters up to 0.780”. Building prototypes from your product specifications is our specialty.

Catheter and Tube End Forming

PlasticWeld is a full-function machine shop that specializes in the manufacture of catheter tube end formers used in other and non-catheter medical parts. Our HPS series of proprietary induction formers can be used to impart complex shapes on tube ends, including smooth-edged bevels on endotracheal tubes. Our custom-built tube end forming equipment can hold tight tolerances on end formed catheter tubes. These induction formers produce upsets, mushrooms, and swaged ends on tubes.

Catheter and Tube Hole Drilling

We build highly engineered hole drilling equipment that can mechanically cut holes into catheter tubing. PlasticWeld’s catheter hole drilling equipment can process tubes with outer diameters up to 0.375” or higher. In addition, the maximum size of holes produced by this equipment can be equivalent to the inner diameters of the tubes. Our catheter drill presses can make holes with sharp edges in all types of polymers, including PVC, PTFE, PA, and PP. Guided high-speed drills integrated in our presses cut clean and accurate holes at customer specified locations.

Catheter and Tube Eye Forming

PlasticWeld’s proprietary HPS series induction eye formers are used to make tight-tolerance, formed holes in catheter tubes. They ensure smooth surfaces, reliable & efficient production, as well as maximum performance in any type of catheter tube configuration. Our equipment handles tube sizes of up to 0.780” OD. It can form eyes on PVC, PP, PE, and several other types of catheter tube materials.

Catheter and Tube Skiving

We design and manufacture precision equipment for skiving holes along catheter tube sidewalls. Our skiving machines have precision-ground, guided punches, which produce clean and accurate holes at specified locations. Both manual and high-volume production operations can be handled effectively on these machines. Catheter tubes with outer diameters of 0.780” or higher can be skived.

Catheter Balloon Bonding

Plastic Weld provides custom manufactured, proprietary HPS series induction formers to perform balloon bonding operations. With custom designed and unique forming tools, our induction formers create a smooth, rounded transition from the balloon stem onto the endotracheal tube OD. The tube and balloon polymers must be compatible with each other and must be heat sealable. Our machines can include alternating stations that support alternating loading and unloading. This ensures minimum cycle time as well as maximum production capacity and efficiency in all operations.
Catheter and Tube Hole Punching

Catheter and Tube Hole Punching

We offer custom equipment to perform both manual and automatic hole punching operations on catheter tubes. Our punching machines can produce round, oval, and triangular holes over 0.5 mm in size. With adjustable depth stop and rapid tool change options, our punch presses adjust to different tube sizes as well as configurations. We also manufacture combination tippers/eye formers for drilling and skiving operations. Modern punch presses create sharp-edged, burr-free holes or eyes in a single machine cycle.

Tipping and Forming Dies for Catheters and Tubes

PlasticWeld Systems specializes in the design and production of tip forming dies to suit your production requirements. Die production starts with the selection of high quality alloys. State-of-the-art CNC equipment is used to produce precision tipping dies. Depending on the application, some alloys can be heat treated for greater resistance to abrasive plastics or mandrel insertion. Non-stick coatings are also available for some die configurations.

Custom Catheter Production Solutions

Plastic Weld offers turnkey equipment for custom catheter production operations, such as thin film sealing, tube cutting, and parallel tube bonding. Custom-designed equipment is built with the most appropriate technology to support your manufacturing strategy. Our shop features an extensive range of heat staking machines, tube bending ovens, and other custom equipment.

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